About us?

The Tunisian Society of Rusks (SOBISCO) is a limited company whose capital is worth 1014,000 dinars and was created by the late Abdeljelil Fourati in 1978. 

This pioneer in the Agri Food was also a pioneer in the field of sports by introducing Baseball in Tunisia with some friends and the creation of the Tunisian Federation of Baseball of which he was president. 

This means that our late creator loved to face new Challenges including starting the production and marketing of the Tunisian Rusk that came to compete with international brands. 

Starting with a capital of 120,000 Dinars, the 1200m2 factory built on a plot of 5000 m2 in the Industrial Zone of Ben Arous started in the 17th of November, 1980. 

The activity of the company was limited at first to the manufacture of paste lifting (Rusks, Sliced ​​Bread). Gradual diversification was made thereafter, essentially making yellow pasta (Biscuits ...) and bread improvers and pre mix 

Late Abdeljalil Fourati’s ambition was to popularize the consumption of Rusk which was limited to a very small part of the Tunisian population; but his goal was mostly to meet the needs of those who require a dietary product through a cure (salt-free diet, sugar-free diet etc ....) 

From the start, late Abdeljalil Fourati was focused on quality and made an agreement of partnership and technical assistance with the International group PURATOS. 

This partnership is still standing, and is more a beneficial cooperation to both parties. 

The company, founded by the late Abdeljalil Fourati has since come a long way, leader and sole producer in Tunisia of Rusk and appreciated and significant competitor in product baked goods. 




Company Name : Société Tunisienne de Biscotte

Legal form : SA

Abbreviation: SOBISCO

Adresse: Rue El Fouledh ZI Ben Arous

Phone: 00(216) 71380224-00(216)71382580

Fax: 00(216) 71384232

Founder Late: Feu Abdeljalil Fourati

Year of creation: 1978

Start of production date : 11 Nov. 1980

CAPITAL: 1014.000Dinars

General Directorate


CEO : Mr Sahbi Ben Aissa

Deputy General Director : Lilia Ben Zaied née Fourati